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► What does Twin offer?
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Nov 15, 2022
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► What does Twin offer?
• Twin offers a unique play experience to children, enabling them to discover their passions and unleash their talents in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).
• There are hundreds of fun, hands-on activities and experiments that can be made with simple household items! Your children will be inspired by what their peers make and will have the opportunity to share their own creations.
• Experiments are just one part of the app experience. There are also many informative and fun animations and videos, followed by fun quizzes and games about a wide range of topics.
• Children can also play age-appropriate trivia games and challenge their peers on Twin! With thousands of kid-friendly questions, Twin offers one of the best trivia experiences out there.
• Activities are designed to improve children’s 21st-century skills such as problem solving and creative thinking.
• The Twin Live Quest provides exclusive STEM workshops. It is streamed every weekend live from the mobile application. It is designed by educational experts and guided by our hosts that inspire and mentor kids throughout the live stream.

► What is Twin Live Quest?
• It is a fun, interactive and gamified learning experience in which kids from all over the world take part together. They actively participate in the live stream as they discover amazing science facts, answer live trivia questions, observe DIY projects, watch animation videos and engage in fun mini-games.
• They learn problem-solving together while discovering the science behind everything.
• They create connections among fundamental engineering, physics and science concepts in a fun way.
• They develop their creative thinking abilities as they are encouraged to ask questions to find solutions to everyday problems.

► Is Twin safe?
• Twin is an ad-free, safe space for kids. We have a team committed to moderating all content uploaded to the app to ensure that your child has a fun and learning-filled time.

► What topics do we cover?
• Twin covers a wide range of topics in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics). Your children will be transported to 17th century England to learn about steam engines or fly to the Sun to learn about the Solar System. They will supplement this digital experience with hands-on activities.

► Why Twin?
• Twin has all these amazing features and a holistic approach to learning and “edutainment. But what really differentiates Twin from all the other apps out there is our approach to 21st-century learning. We envision a future shaped by those who can lead with competence and conscience, so we create our content with a skill-based approach.

► Why do parents love Twin?
• Parents can track their child’s progress, areas of interest, and areas for improvement through our Monthly Parent Reports. This premium feature allows parents to see their child grow and realize their potential with every passing day!

► Do you own a Twin Kit?
• You can find the how-to-steps of Twin Kits: Robotic Art Kit, Coding Kit, Autonomous Vehicle Kit, Curiosity Kit and Aviation Kit.

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