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Quran Audio Library App (MP3Quran - V 0.3) aims to provide Quran recitations in different narrations from vary of reciters for mobile device holders.
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Quran Audio Library
Jun 3, 2022
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Quran Audio Library App (MP3Quran – V 0.3) aims to provide Quran recitations in different narrations from vary of reciters for mobile device holders.

The “Third Edition” of MP3Quran website and application “The official application for” is intended for reading and listening to Quran recitations by more than 230 famous reciters in the Islamic world, on your smart device (mobile, tablet).

The updates of the third version:

* A favorite section to get quick access to your favorite reciter.

* A list of favorite radio stations and reciters.

* Recording from The Holy Quran Radio.

* A comprehensive update to manage downloads, a separate folder to aggregate all the reciter’s recordings “Telawat”, with the possibility of downloading to the whole recordings Mushaf/Telawat or a part of it.

* Numbering the chapters “Surah” (1. Al-Fatihah, 2. Al-Baqarah, etc.).

* Add the search feature to the name of the chapter “Surah”.

* Show the history of your recent played recitations, from newest to oldest.

* Filter to sort narrations “Riwayat” (identify the narration and then show reciters who have reitations in this narration).

*The “newly added” section of the new recitations or narrations that are added to the application first.

* A new design that takes into consideration the ease of use, user experience, color beauty and simplicity.

* Multi-format themes “backgrounds” for the audio player, in 4 different colors, of which two for night reading mode.

* A picture of the Masjid al-Haram in Makkah, in the background when the Meccan Chapter “Surah” is played, and a picture of the Prophet’s Mosque when the Civil chapter is played.

* A system for the blind and visually impaired people, to use the application to talk to it by voice commands, starts working by shaking the phone twice.

* The blind system helps the blind to use his/her voice to determine the name of the reciter – the novel – the chapter “Surah”, and any other settings, and play it, easily.

Key Application Features:

* Listen to Surah or several selected verses in your favorite voice among the hundreds of famous reciters of the Holy Quran, in many narrations “Riwayat”: Hafs, Rash, Qaloun, Al Duri.

* Choose timing frame to listen a part from Surah, with a specified number of times to repeat.

* Easy to browse Quran index in Surah’s or part’s names.

* High-speed search in your reciters list to access any verse or word easily.

* Choose a number of verses in the “Favorites” to quickly return them.

* Available in easy-to-use interface in 15 languages.

“Quran Audio Library App (MP3Quran V 0.3)” mobile application was developed and designed by Smartech IT Solutions, in Malaysia.

We are pleased to receive your inquiries and suggestions for development via e-mail:
[email protected]

Third version of this app was published in May 2019 – Ramadan 1440. We will be releasing updates going forward. Your suggestions in this matter is highly appreciated.

May Allah bless you all.

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What's new

-Android 12 support
- Bug fixes and improvements