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Illustrations/Manga -based effects that have been downloaded more than 75 million times worldwide!
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Dec 8, 2022
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Illustrations/Manga -based effects that have been downloaded more than 75 million times worldwide!
From drawing of illustrations to beginners to professional illustrations/manga production! It can be used by a wide range of people with simple UI.

A new time lapse creation function is also available! Let’s make a making video of the illustration ♪
Data sharing on multiple devices can be done quickly!
All basic functions are free! The hidden advertisement can be done with the subscription “MediBang Premium”.

[What is MediBang Paint? ]
Free illustration and manga production software. It is a tool that is widely used, from beginners to illustrations to professional illustrators/manga artists.
A simple and comfortable UI provides creators around the world with the best environment where you can produce anytime and anywhere.

◆ Illustration and manga production anytime, anywhere on a smartphone!
・ A wealth of functions comparable to PC version software, the most multifunctional paint app in the world. A full -fledged drawing app.
・ The movement and capacity supported by users around the world are also attractive.

◆ A wealth of ingredients in your hand. Of course it is free.
・ All -you -can -use more than 1000 kinds of tones!
・ Because there are plenty of background materials such as cityscape and vehicles, troublesome background work is easy.

◆ Various brushes, finest drawing comfort
・ More than 180 kinds of brushes can be used for free and various expressions can be made.
・ You can also create an original brush based on the image.

◆ Let’s make a making video with the time lapse creation function
・ Created time lapse videos can be shared on SNS.
・ By saving the production process, it can also be used to prove your own illustration.

◆ On the support site
・ It is a perfect support system such as tutorials and illustrations of apps.
・ It is a site that I want to come to for beginners who want to draw illustrations but do not know where to start!

◆ Your work is more manga with manga fonts.

◆ Cumbersome frames can be easily divided

◆ Stress -free that can be drawn
・ The interface is extremely simple. You can easily draw.
・ Customize the shot cut key freely!

◆ You can easily fix only the parts you care about
・ You can use the “layer function” that can be divided into a single picture by dividing the work part separately.

◆ Data management is in the cloud
・ Since the data can be backed up automatically, it is safe even if there is a sudden accident during drawing.
・ Since the created data can be stored in the cloud, you do not need to worry about the capacity of the terminal.

◆ Immediately in the usual environment
・ The brush / material / palette setting of the PC version “MediBang Paint Pro” and the preset of the brush / material can be synchronized in the cloud.

◆ Can be co -produced even in a distant place

◆ You can publish your work to many people
・ You can easily post works on the manga -illustration posting site “Art Street” ( (free membership registration is required).

[Make MediBang Paint more convenient]
◆ “MediBang Premium”
A subscription service that allows you to use many benefits.
You can try it for free only for the first 60 days.
・ Unlimited use of more than 200 types of brushes that can be used in MediBang Paint!
・ Hide in -app advertising
・ Output in various file formats
・ Added cloud storage capacity
・ Time Lapse Watermark (MediBang logo) hides
…etc! We will continue to increase its functions in the future! !

* The pen pressure sensing function is valid for the following stylus pen (setting is required for use).

[Compatible stylus pen]

[Recommended terminal]
Android8 or later

* To use some functions, an account of “Art Street” ( is required.
* The comfort of the operation may change depending on the condition of the terminal.

What's new

- You can now save up to 10 automatic backup data.
- You can now open the auto-backup data from My Gallery.
- Enabled to change the transparency of the app UI.