Kids Coding Skills

Do you want to learn how to program and understand the language of computers? This fun free puzzle game is for you.
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Jan 12, 2023
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Do you want to learn how to program and understand the language of computers? This fun free puzzle game is for you.

With ‘Kids Coding Skills’ you can learn the basics of programming, such as sequential execution, loops and functions in the easiest and most effective way. In addition, children will be able to improve their problem solving skills, develop logical thinking and stimulate their memory. Have fun, learn and exercise your mind!

The goal of this app to learn to program from home is to create the paths through code and overcome the levels. To do this, you will have to set the actions to follow and their order with the buttons that appear on the screen, such as, for example, turn left, turn right, move forward and many more!

Children will become familiar with programming with the same mechanics as creating a puzzle. They have to move the puzzle pieces and put them in the right place to create the path, complete the picture or give directions to the animals. With this puzzle making game you can program without great technical knowledge.

In this educational game for kids you have to overcome four types of challenging levels:
– Basic programming level 1. You will be able to form structured thinking logic.
– Level 2 sequences. Learn to indicate the code instructions to be read and carried out.
– Level 3 of loops. You will be able to see how to create sequence of code instructions to be performed repeatedly.
– Level 4 functions. You will learn how to create a set of instructions that execute a given task.

In the 4 levels there are numerous exercises of two types:
1. Reaching the goal. Visualize and give orders to build a path that makes the fun characters and drawings reach the goal.
2. Collect prizes. Create the path by determining the necessary actions and giving instructions to collect all the prizes. Be careful! The scenarios are full of obstacles that you will have to avoid.

Immerse yourself now in the exciting world of programming with this game to teach coding through interactive learning activities for kids! You will be able to recognize patterns, order actions in a logical sequence and visualize the actions needed to solve the different levels.

This coding game in English offers you a learning experience through puzzles adapted to your pace, simple and functional. The difficulty of the levels of the educational game increases as you acquire knowledge about coding and logic. Solve the puzzles, learn the computer language and expand your knowledge!

– Learn the basics of coding.
– Learn to program and build logical sequences.
– Progressively difficult puzzles through levels.
– Intuitive, simple and user-friendly interface.
– Interactive learning method without words or text.
– Free learning puzzle game.
– Possibility to play without internet.
– Educational and fun.

Thank you very much for playing Edujoy games. We love to create fun and educational games for kids of all ages. If you have any questions or suggestions about this game, you can contact us through the developer contact or through our social media profiles:

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♥ Thank you for playing Kids Coding Skills!
⭐️ Ideal for learning the basics of coding.
⭐️ Different types of challenging levels.
⭐️ Intuitive, simple and friendly interface.
⭐️ Free learning game.
⭐️ Fun and educational!
We are happy to receive your comments and suggestions. If you find any errors in the game you can write to us at [email protected]