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Learn programming the easy way!
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Yoan Enchev
Jan 24, 2023
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Learn programming the easy way!

Become an awesome coder via easy programming tutorials and exercises:
* Master many programming languages (Python, Java, Javascript, C#, C++ and PHP)
* Fun quizzes to show off what you’ve learned
* Puzzles to let you learn programming topics
* Quiz battles – fight and learn programming
* Rank Climbing – raise ranks the more you learn programming
* Exams and much more to assess your programming knowledge

The app will make you feel like you’re in a game. It’s fun, full of challenges and it’s suitable for anyone.
This way you’ll become a programming expert very fast.

You’ll MASTER:
* Basic programming tutorials such as data types, if-statements, loops, switch-case.
* Advanced topics like functions, arrays, matrix and much more.
* OOP – Object oriented programming – classes, objects, interfaces and anything you need.
* Catchy programming questions to make you ace your interviews.

It’s suitable for anyone who wants to learn programming.
It provides simple programming tutorials with less theory and more practical examples. You can test your knowledge with various fun programming exercises.

The rank climbing system is designed to stimulate you doing challenges. This way you can climb up to the top and become the best developer. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice in learning programming the basics or you want to learn OOP – Object oriented programming.

The tests and puzzles will make you understand the topics and learn programming much faster and easier.
This way you’ll learn programming concepts and put them into practice. Each test will give you stars so collect them all to become an awesome programmer.

You can make the first steps of starting your career as a programmer no matter which programming language. Java pro or data scientist with Python, a backend professional with C# or PHP. Maybe a frontend master with Javascript? Or you would want to be a C/C++ expert. You’ll learn anything – from the beginning to OOP – Object oriented programming.

The app also provides offline access to it’s programming tutorials. You can learn programming from anywhere through your smartphone or tablet.
It also has both programming tutorials and exercises. This lets you put your programming knowledge into practice.

I believe that learning programming needs to be fun and with many challenges. Keeping it simple and teaching you the practical stuff is the best way to keep you motivated and lead you to the path of becoming the best developer.

Ready to become a coding champ? Download it now!

Your review, feedback and ideas are important. They make me improve the app and your programming learning experience; You can reach me at [email protected]

With much Love from the Coding Champ dev.

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