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A Level Chemistry App:

A level chemistry quiz app with free download to install “Chemistry Quiz” app (Android) to practice hundreds of GCE chemistry quiz based MCQs. “A Level Chemistry” app download with trivia questions and answers, IGCSE GCE chemistry MCQs to solve self-assessment tests. “A Level Chemistry Quiz” app, textbook revision notes helps to practice test questions for beginners and advanced level students on Android smartphones.

Complete A level chemistry app, a textbook application with IGCSE/NEET/MCAT/GRE/GMAT/SAT/ACT preparation mock tests. “A Level Chemistry Notes” app is a study guide for Cambridge students, beginners and advanced level learning from Cambridge textbook course as:

Chapter 1: Alcohols and esters quiz
Chapter 2: Atomic structure and theory quiz
Chapter 3: Benzene: chemical compound quiz
Chapter 4: Carbonyl compounds quiz
Chapter 5: Carboxylic acids and acyl compounds quiz
Chapter 6: Chemical bonding quiz
Chapter 7: Chemistry of life quiz
Chapter 8: Electrode potential quiz
Chapter 9: Electrons in atoms quiz
Chapter 10: Enthalpy change quiz
Chapter 11: Equilibrium quiz
Chapter 12: Group IV quiz
Chapter 13: Groups II and VII quiz
Chapter 14: Halogenoalkanes quiz
Chapter 15: Hydrocarbons quiz
Chapter 16: Introduction to organic chemistry quiz
Chapter 17: Ionic equilibria quiz
Chapter 18: Lattice energy quiz
Chapter 19: Moles and equations quiz
Chapter 20: Nitrogen and sulfur quiz
Chapter 21: Organic and nitrogen compounds quiz
Chapter 22: Periodicity quiz
Chapter 23: Polymerization quiz
Chapter 24: Rates of reaction quiz
Chapter 25: Reaction kinetics quiz
Chapter 26: Redox reactions and electrolysis quiz
Chapter 27: States of matter quiz
Chapter 28: Transition elements quiz

Solve “Atomic Structure and Theory Quiz” app download to practice test questions: Atom facts, elements and atoms, number of nucleons, protons, electrons, and neutrons.

Solve “Electrode Potential Quiz” app download to practice test questions: Electrode potential, electrolysis process, standard electrode potential, quantitative electrolysis, redox, and oxidation.

Solve “Electrons in Atoms Quiz” app download to practice test questions: Electronic configurations, electronic structure evidence, ionization energy, periodic table, simple electronic structure, sub shells, and atomic orbitals.

Solve “Enthalpy Change Quiz” app download to practice test questions: Standard enthalpy changes, bond energies, Hess law, introduction to energy changes, and measuring enthalpy changes.

Solve “Hydrocarbons Quiz” app download to practice test questions: Introduction to alkanes, sources of alkanes, addition reactions of alkenes, alkane reaction, alkenes and formulas.

Solve “Introduction to Organic Chemistry Quiz” app download to practice test questions: Organic chemistry, functional groups, organic reactions, stereoisomerism, structural isomerism, and types of organic reactions.

Solve “Lattice Energy Quiz” app download to practice test questions: Introduction to lattice energy, ion polarization, lattice energy value, atomization and electron affinity, and Born Haber cycle.

Solve “Polymerization Quiz” app download to practice test questions: Types of polymerization, polyamides, polyesters, and polymer deductions.

Solve “Reaction Kinetics Quiz” app download to practice test questions: Reaction kinetics, catalysts, reaction mechanism, order of reaction, rare constant k, and rate of reaction.

Solve “Redox Reactions and Electrolysis Quiz” app download to practice test questions: Redox reaction, electrolysis technique, oxidation numbers, and electron transfer.


“A Level Chemistry MCQs” app helps to solve chemistry Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from every chapter, comparing with answer key after every 10 random trivia quiz questions.

Looking forward to provide best user experience through A level chemistry application!

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